Sunday, November 30, 2008

san diego and escondido: vacationing with the hodges

about a month ago, grandma and grandpa hodges invited us to spend some time with them in so cal at their timeshare. we couldn't resist. i went up for the weekend and aim and the boys stayed for the following week. we hit seaworld, seaport village, old town and a few other places. the resort where the timeshare was at was pretty accommodating. the kids had a blast and it's always nice for aim to get out of dodge and spend some time at the beach even if it was a little wet and chilly. here is some photographic evidence of our time there. believe. slideshow coming soon.

cabes playing b-ball: fierce

here are some pics from caleb's b-ball class. he just finished up the class recently and he really enjoyed it. he's quite the competitor. check it out for yourself.

the oath

here are some pics from my swearing in as an attorney. before you can practice law, you must be sworn in as an officer of the court. generally, most people will wait until the state bar sanctioned mass swearing in. for those of us who don't want to wait, one can be sworn in by a notary public very easily by reciting a simple oath, signing a piece of paper and sending it in. i opted for the latter and made mention of my intentions to a co-worker of mine. this wo-worker of mine, tiny dave we'll call him, saw this as a perfect opportunity to embarrass me and proceeded to call my wife, my mom, and schedule a firm wide event that afternoon during which i would be sworn in by my boss in tiny dave's graduation robes with my left hand on a treatise on trusts and my right hand at a square. oh, and there was some sheet cakes from sam's club as well.

aim came with coles, my mom and dad came, and some of my other co-workers were in attendance as well. i think kenna jo missed the humor in the whole even and actually shed a tear or two as jeff, my boss, swore my in. it was fun for all. i think aim appreciated it as did my parents, so, thanks dave.

hero dinner at cooper manor

here are some pics from a hero dinner aim and i did back at the beginning of october. aim got this idea from a blog she reads much more religiously than mine. our boys (and me) love superheros, so we decided to do one for ourselves. we did the dinner over conference weekend and figured it would be a good time to talk about heros and the attributes they have that we admire... like x-ray vision, superspeed and adamantium claws. so, i whipped up some chicken pita gyros (pun intended), aim decorated one of her now oft-seen bear cakes, we threw on the capes (thanks to grandma hodges) and decorated the table with the boy's action figures.

we had a good time and ate some tasty food.

iinitiate the blog

iinitiate the blog