Monday, October 18, 2010

no words, only pictures (and lots of them)


Alexandre said...

It's amazing, you look more and more like Clarke Gable. I'm just disapointed to see a flawless Aimee in the pics: she's supposed to be half dead!
Is it your new home in the back? It's... well... minimalist. Probably easier to maintain. Some dusting wouldn't hurt, though.

April said...

What a great looking family! We hope you are doing well!

the cooperfive said...


next photo shoot i'll grow a mustache just like clark's. those are actually old pics of aim that i photoshopped in. the minimalist look is definitely easier to maintain.


thank you for your kind words. our best to you guys.

MG said...

cutest little family ever! seriously. you guys should model for Gap or something. Miss you tons!!

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iinitiate the blog